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guys please comment. i need to know if this is what you want or not. please suggest changes to plot or story line to any of my caps. tell me how you would have wanted them to end, and even if you have better ideas for the pics. im working on some permanant chastity caps for you sasha but its not a genre im into my self so its taking a while to write one i am happy with, if you could give me some plot ideas for what it is you want it would help.

thanks for the comments you guys have put up i am really greatfull, klkkl i am so glad these are moving you to comment every time and its always a nice feeling to see you have appreciated another one.

most importantly i got a comment on my beuty school cap from steffi. thank you so much, seeing that somone who has made caps that i love enjoys one of mine is very cool. and guys who read my blog, not just because she commented but because her blog is awsome, if you havnt read it go read it now, and wether you like it or not, comment on her caps.

thanks all


Sunday, 30 May 2010